The great equalizer
Freedom, justice, and liberty provider
Highly coveted
Desired like a precious jewel
Green enigma
Squandered in the hands of fools…

I’m talking dollars and cents
Ponder how it’s spent
Support for all things Black is the premise
It’s like investing in your tribe
A cultural hi-five
A paradigm for the 21st century.

Henceforth “Buy Black”
The battle cry is exact,
Neither fad nor trend
The fight for power never ends,
Divided we repeat the past
United we ascend.

To rise, self-hatred has to subside
Antiquated practices must die
Banking, borrowing, buying from “massa”
Are signs of being colonized.
Be totally self-sufficient.

Break away from economic enslavement
The underground railroad departs daily
Hop aboard
Travel to a new dimension
Where slave mentalities don’t exist
And unity trumps division.

(c) Timothy Young
This poem was featured in OVERTHROWING CAPITALISM Volume two: Beyond Endless War, Racist Police, Sexist Elites

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