African American
African amiss
I am of the diaspora
The unknown abyss
My nightmare begins
In the belly of a slave ship.
If I could lay claim
Or reclaim anything
It would be my freedom
My history
My roots
My family tree
The fruits of Black labor
With interest and royalties.

My community is neglected
The conditions are antebellum blue
No reparations for slavery
No 40 acres
No mule,
Just jim crow
Black codes
Mass incarceration
And Death Row…
Omit not from history
The plight of my peers
And a trail of tears…

Land of the free
And home of the brave,
Or land of white supremacy,
White privilege and bigotry?
Seriously, how can Americans
Fix their lying ass lips
To speak about peace,
Justice, family values,
And a post-racial society
When the victims of past injustices
Have yet to be compensated?
The atrocities are unfathomable,
The amount owed is incalculable,
What price, if any, would ever suffice?

(c) Tim Young

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