Timothy James Young is a wrongfully convicted prisoner and an innocent man on Death Row. He was arrested in April of 1999 for a crime that he did not commit, and was subsequently sentenced to Death Row in April of 2006. He is now partaking in the Appellate process as a means of proving his innocence and regaining his freedom. While waiting for the wheels of Justice to turn, he would like to meet positive and supportive people with whom to network and correspond.

Tim has many interests. He enjoys reading, writing. music, poetry, animals, art, and nature. Prior to his incarceration he was an aspiring rap artist and music producer. Despite being condemned to death, Tim continues to fight for freedom, Justice, and equality. He continues to use his voice as a tool for change.

With that said, the purpose of this website is to raise awareness and support. The goal is to free Tim Young from his wrongful conviction. Tim cannot do it alone, it will take the help of the entire “village.” We therefore ask that people get informed and get involved.

To get informed about the facts surrounding Tim’s wrongful conviction, click onto “Radio Interviews” and listen to them in their entirety. That will give you insight as to the racism and corruption that landed Timothy Young on Death Row. You can also click onto the associated links to get updates and developments regarding the case.


Prisoners on Death Row are not provided jobs or allowed to work. Having no way to sustain themselves, they are forced to rely upon people on the outside for financial support. If there are any members of the village out there who are in a position to be of help, then we ask that you help when and where you can.

If you would like to contribute to Timothy Young’s campaign for freedom, you can do so through jpay.com.


If you would like to correspond with Tim or visit, you can write to him at:
Tim Young  F23374
San Quentin, CA. 94974