I Am More

Wrongfully convicted

“Socially distanced”


San Quentin State Prison

Names are nullified

Numbers are given

Erasing all traces

Of human existence

Numerical skeletons

Black remnants

I am more than “F23374”

I am resistance!

(C)Timothy James Young


Solitary Garden

Is not just a plot of land

On the campus of UC, Santa Cruz.

To the contrary,

It is an installation

An iteration

A destination worthy of gander.

Riddle it a spot

A spot where we grow crops

A spot where we grow thoughts

What kind of thoughts, you ask?

Thoughts of freedom and abolition

Thoughts of tearing down walls

And shutting down prisons.

Thoughts of you

Thoughts of me

Thoughts of revolution

In every seed

For the seeds we grow

Are of infinite possibilities…

(C) Timothy James Young

Ded: Herman Wallace & Jackie Sumell