On every channel I have seen them grieve
They are seethingly at odds with U.C. Berkeley
Apparently someone sought to uproot the trees
They are pissed/they are peeved/
They squawk about preserving the trees
They squat/they refuse to leave/
They literally live in the trees
Life or limb they vow to protect the trees
They seek understanding/empathy/
Meanwhile the State of California
Celebrates my wrongful conviction and intends to kill me!
From Death Row I languish in disbelief,
Wishing I was just as cherished and esteemed
As one of those damn oak trees!

On every channel I have seen them grieve
A blind man could see their hypocrisy;
For had “Cecil the Lion” been “Cecil the Negro”
His demise would not have been lionized!
In fact, he’d be just one more nappy headed
“Super predator,” that was “brought to heel…”

I have seen them grieve…
Amerikans wept over the death
Of Harambe, the silver-back gorilla,
But never did they weep for the likes of:
Trayvon Martin, Laquan McDonald, Alton Sterling,
Oscar Grant, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Akai Gurley,
Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, Michael Brown, Kenneth Harding,
Philando Castille, Alex Nieto, James Rivera, Mario Woods, or Tamir Rice!

For all of my days, I have seen them,
Endeavoring to be green and save nonhuman things:
The Whales
The Beaches
The Dolphins
The Wetlands and Marshes
The Owls
The Ozone
Even lab Rats and Rodents,
The Condors
The Eagles
And yes, the precious trees.

It is an unconscionable sin
Putting mice before men,
But many have I seen
Treating pets better than human beings;
And though they’re quick to pamper “fido”
They historically ignore the plight of the “negro!”

Am I worthy of the same affinity
That Monkeys, Mammals, and Reptiles receive?
Am I as precious
As the creatures that you grieve?
Hell, I love the environment, and everything in it,
But we cannot allow racism, corruption, injustice,
Or wrongful convictions to exist!

(c) Tim Young
This poem is included in the book, OVERTHROWING CAPITALISM, Volume 3: Reclaiming Community: An Anthology of Transformational Poets.


African American
African amiss
I am of the diaspora
The unknown abyss
My nightmare begins
In the belly of a slave ship.
If I could lay claim
Or reclaim anything
It would be my freedom
My history
My roots
My family tree
The fruits of Black labor
With interest and royalties.

My community is neglected
The conditions are antebellum blue
No reparations for slavery
No 40 acres
No mule,
Just jim crow
Black codes
Mass incarceration
And Death Row…
Omit not from history
The plight of my peers
And a trail of tears…

(c) Tim Young


The great equalizer
Freedom, justice, and liberty provider
Highly coveted
Desired like a precious jewel
Green enigma
Squandered in the hands of fools…

I’m talking dollars and cents
Ponder how it’s spent
Support for all things Black is the premise
It’s like investing in your tribe
A cultural hi-five
A paradigm for the 21st century.

Henceforth “Buy Black”
The battle cry is exact,
Neither fad nor trend
The fight for power never ends,
Divided we repeat the past
United we ascend.

To rise, self-hatred has to subside
Antiquated practices must die
Banking, borrowing, buying from “massa”
Are signs of being colonized.
Be totally self-sufficient.

Break away from economic enslavement
The underground railroad departs daily
Hop aboard
Travel to a new dimension
Where slave mentalities don’t exist
And unity trumps division.

(c) Timothy Young
This poem was featured in OVERTHROWING CAPITALISM Volume two: Beyond Endless War, Racist Police, Sexist Elites


Behind the veil
Lies a familiar face
A race
A particular stench
Stinking rich
Reeking of privilege
Their capitalism, a euphemism
For slavery, sweatshops, and low wages…

Behind the veil
Lies the top 1 percent
The upper echelon of
Capitalistic tricks
International poverty pimps
Bleeding the needy
The need to be greedy
Insidiously killing mankind…

Behind the veil
Lies are told
Propaganda sold
Wars waged
Natural resources siphoned away
Environmental decay
Capital rules the day
Humanity falls by the wayside…

(c) Timothy Young
This poem was featured in OVERTHROWING CAPITALISM Volume two: Beyond Endless War, Racist Police, Sexist Elites