From conception to birth
It is scientifically certain
That all who survive shall
Eventually die
We live/we strive/we die/
But my date with death
Has been molested at best
For it is not God’s will
But rather the will of hate
Hand-picked “people of the state”
Have biasly decided my fate…
Yes, it is true,
They wish to beat me
Out of my last breath,
They want to punish me
For the color of my skin.
But as sure as I am Black
My fate remains in God’s hands.

(c) Tim Young

Published in Community Alliance Newspaper

Anatomy of Change

11-04-08 proved that possibilities are limitless;
Psyches can change, people can vote their best interest.
Hope is in the air, opportunity is on the scene,
“Change” however remains to be seen.

A scheme/a slogan/a ruse/a gimmick/a jest/
The promises of change faintly manifest;
“Agents of change” typically deviate from their rhetoric,
Conforming to the status quo once elected.

“Change” is a stigmatized ship lost at sea,
Exiled by ghostly forces for crimes of nonconformity.
Therein exist mutiny/decrepitude/debauchery/and disease/
With Obama as helmsman can change be achieved?

Feeling optimistic? Pessimistic? Straddling the fence?
Baffled by bipartisan gestures, in lieu of progressiveness?
Fearful that recycled cabinet picks could prove ominous?
Pondering if “change” will be tangible or counterfeit?

Permutation will require vision, courage, and leadership;
Lip service requires but a tongue and two lips.
Time will determine if democracy has unearthed
Fool’s gold, or something truly golden.

Centuries of hope, demands, chants of “yes we can,”
And still no political, or socioeconomic paragon exist;
Politicians are guilty of collusion and incompetence!
The “two party system” is subservient to the elite.

“Change” will not be televised, or facilitated by:
Government, corporate, or media entities.
It will not fall from the sky, or come easily;
The seminal elements will not ferment without unity.

(c) Tim Young