The Art of Advocacy

A collection of artwork created in collaboration with Tim Young to aid in his fight for freedom.

“A Way Out”
Music video tribute to Timothy James Young.

Song by: T-Lo
Art by: Golnoush Pak

“The Deep”

Poem by: Timothy James Young
Art by: Golnoush Pak

“The Seeds of Infinite Possibilities”

Art by: Marisa Cornejo

“Solitary Garden” by Timothy James Young

The poem is dedicated to jackie sumell, the multidisciplinary artist whose powerful art project, Solitary Garden, is on view at UC Santa Cruz, and Herman Wallace, a political prisoner, one of the Angola Three who spent 41 years solitary confinement in Louisiana State Penitentiary.

Tim Young’s Solidarity Garden Playlist

Solidarity Rose
by Ron Nelson

Excerpt from “Mail Call by Timothy James Young:
“This year one of my supporters had sent me a drawing of a rose for my birthday. Scrolled across the rose was the word “Solidarity.” I used to liken myself to the “Rose That Grew From Concrete,” but after 20 plus years of incarceration, and after receiving the rose that was gifted to me, I now consider myself the “Rose That Grew From Solidarity!”

“Citizen in Shades of Antebellum Blue” By: Timothy James Young

This poem, a response to Citizen: An American Lyric by poet Claudia Rankine, has been published by the Revolutionary Poetry Brigade in their new anthology Building Socialism.