The Art of Advocacy


A collection of artwork created in collaboration with Tim Young to aid in his fight for freedom.

“A Way Out”
Music video tribute to Timothy James Young

Song by: T-Lo
Art and video by: Golnoush

“The Seeds of Infinite Possibilities”

Art by: Marisa Cornejo

“An ode to freedom and abolition” by Timothy James Young

Art and video by: Golnoush

Art by: Chloe Murr

Excerpt fromFriendship, Freedom, and Abolition” by Timothy James Young:
“I have a handful of friends who have crossed that proverbial bridge and who now wish to aid me in overturning my wrongful conviction. I remind them that their time, talents, and resources are viable commodities, and when extended in friendship–freedom and abolition become a mountain that can be moved”

Solidarity Rose
by Ron Nelson

Excerpt from “Mail Call by Timothy James Young:
“This year one of my supporters had sent me a drawing of a rose for my birthday. Scrolled across the rose was the word “Solidarity.” I used to liken myself to the “Rose That Grew From Concrete,” but after 20 plus years of incarceration, and after receiving the rose that was gifted to me, I now consider myself the “Rose That Grew From Solidarity!”