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We got a letter from Tim!

This is the first letter since mid-July, due to Tim’s illness with Covid-19. The phone calls have been sporadic calls as well. For a while the officials at San Quentin did not let anyone make calls, supposedly to help stop the spread of the virus. And, with staff also sick from the virus, there were … Continue reading We got a letter from Tim!

Covid News from San Quentin

It was just announced that prisoners will no longer have access to phones in San Quentin. According to the Warden, this is to try to control the spread of the Covid-19. With more than 50% of the people locked up in San Quentin already testing positive, and many more displaying symptoms, this seems both cruel … Continue reading Covid News from San Quentin

What is justice in SQ?

Tim called this afternoon with updates from San Quentin’s East Block, where he and all the prisoners sentenced to death penalties are held. At least 1/3 of the people in San Quentin now having tested positive for Covid-19—which Tim thinks is pretty much everyone who has actually been tested. Tim says that it feels “apocalyptic” … Continue reading What is justice in SQ?

Abolition and Illness

Tim called yesterday with the news that he is coughing, has a sore throat, and body aches—and everyone else in the adjacent cells is in the same or worse condition. There is no more space to quarantine the people who are sick in the “Hole,” so any attempts to stop the spread of the virus … Continue reading Abolition and Illness

Tim’s new essay

Read Tim’s new essay, 8 Minutes 46 Seconds. As he writes in this poignant piece about the murder of George Floyd and the carceral continuum, “At the end of the day, every African American, from every walk of life has felt that 8 minutes and 46 seconds grip around their neck in some way, shape, … Continue reading Tim’s new essay

The Tale Of Two Knees

In the tale of two knees, Kaepernick used his to make Black Lives Matter, Officer Chauvin used his to make Black Lives nonexistent.

Solitary Garden Tour

Watch the video tour made by UC Santa Cruz students of Tim’s Solitary Garden.

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