“Sometimes, as a prisoner, hope is all that I have. I dream of freedom, justice, and equality. A dream that has alluded Black people for too long. If I didn’t dream, I think I would’ve died long ago. The fact that I dream and imagine allows me to wake up every morning”

An image of Timothy James Young at San Quentin State Prison.


Tim is a wrongfully convicted prisoner and an innocent man on Death Row. He was arrested in April of 1999 for a crime that he did not commit and was subsequently sentenced to Death Row in April of 2006.


The circumstances that led a young father and aspiring artist to a death sentence is directly linked to police misconduct and racial profiling. Click the links below to find out more about what went wrong.


August, 2021

Tim is now fully vaccinated!

In our most recent call from Tim Young, he happily reported that he is now fully vaccinated after having received his second shot this month. While we’re happy to hear this, other news about vaccination rates in San Quentin and other state prisons is rather troubling.

May, 2021

Abolition from the Inside Out: Interview with jackie sumell, Albert Woodfox, and Tim Young

Tim joined by phone for an amazing and moving conversation about art and abolition with artist jackie sumell and prison activist Albert Woodfox. Part of the Visualizing Abolition online event series hosted by Institute of Arts & Sciences and Legal Studies at UC Santa Cruz, the event recording is available for view.

February, 2021

Learn more about the Innocence Project, Proposition 66, and more

Friends of Tim Young at UC Santa Cruz have started a project to answer questions about Tim’s paths for justice. Read their research about the Innocence Project in California, explore their updates about Proposition 66 and the struggles to abolish the Death Penalty, and more.


Tim often speaks to his supporters about the power of art and media to expose the issues within the criminal justice system and as a means to regain his freedom. Check out the variety of projects by Tim and his supporters.

Video tour of Solitary Garden by UC Santa Cruz students Jocelyn and Chloe


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