About Timothy James Young

Timothy James Young is a wrongfully convicted prisoner, an innocent man on Death Row. He was arrested in April of 1999 for a crime that he did not commit and was subsequently sentenced to Death Row in April of 2006. He is now partaking in the Appellate process as a means of proving his innocence and regaining his freedom.

The purpose of this website is to raise awareness and support about Tim’s fight for justice and freedom. We ask that people GET INFORMED, GET INVOLVED, and join us in our campaign to free Tim Young!

There are two ways to contact Tim:
Emails, funds, images, etc, can be sent electronically at www.jpay.com
Please include your mailing address on all emails so Tim can respond!

Or write Tim by mail:
Tim Young F23374
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin, CA 94974


Mail Call! By Tim Young

Here in prison, amid condemned men, the weather of life is often inclement. The winds of misery blow relentlessly, and for me, one of the only things that I have to look forward to throughout the week is the announcement of “mail call!” The anticipation is real! From Monday through Friday I find myself waiting … Continue reading Mail Call! By Tim Young